Sunscape-Level 5:

Perhaps the best bed ever made! The SS755 has proven itself to be a thoroughbred tanning machine. The first to use true 200W lamp technology, this bed produces “plateau-busting” color that is unprecedented

-10 minute high pressure bronzing bed that produces better results in less time
-55 full length 200W Wolff body lamps
-Includes 10 additional shoulder lamps and 5 additional facial lamps
-Frosted acrylic with integrated body cooling system

Velocity-Level 4:

This is tanning made easy, when you want more than your average tanning experience! The Velocity 918HP is the most revolutionary 360’ design high pressure tanning bed to hit the industry. The radical, futuristic open design gives you an all over even tan without that closed in feeling!

-15 minute high pressure bronzing bed
-Long lasting color for both fair and dark skinned customers (UVA guarantees not to overexpose your skin)
-Integrated cooling body system

SolarForce 648: Level 3

SolarForce 648

A spacious, ergonomically designed mega bed, with S2 advanced technology tanning system, 160w WOLFF system lamps and 4 Xtreme-Reflection facial tanners. Along with an advanced body cooling system, you will love the power, comfort, and results from this bed.

-Serious tanning power in only 10 minutes

Sundome 548: Level 3

Sundome 548-Stand Up

Specially designed stand up booth that places you at the center of tanning intensity so that you are evenly showered with bronzing, all over tanning power. Equipped with 48 Speed 325 system VSR reflector lamps and staggered lamp design gives you even coverage and a deep, dark tan in only 12 minutes!

Solaris 442-Level 2:

This all metal design bed with brushed stainless steel exterior contains 42 WOLFF system lamps and Xtreme-Reflection facial tanners for a beautiful, longer lasting golden tan. Gives you the deep, dark tan you expect in only 15 minutes!

Sunstar 332-Level 1:

The proven workhorse of the industry strikes again! The SUNSTAR has 32 WOLFF design super-efficient high output tanning bed bulbs for a fast, dark, full-body tan. The staggered lamp design has more lamps over the facial area for extended tanning coverage. Exclusively design acrylic sheets allow the maximum amount of UV penetration for more tanning power, giving you an all-over golden glow.